Who We Are

An English man, a Ontarian and a Cape Bretoner walk into a bar.

You might not think on a foggy Wednesday night in Halagonia many dreams would be made. But for our team this is not the case. It was sat around a table in one of Halifax's many fine drinking establishments the idea for these tours was born.

Not one of us from within the City limits but we all call Halifax our home and hopefully will for a long time to come. We were driven by our passion to always improve Hali and to show it off. I mean what's the point of having a beautiful home unless you're willing to show it off to visitors.

For each of us the image in our minds of that first glorious day we arrived in the City. When you walk around and everything feels so alien. Stepping onto a planet for the first time. I'm sure you reading this have had these moments too. Driving through, wondering, "How the hell am I ever going to figure this place out, I'm lost". For the writer it was on a family road trip with Halifax the destination. I was fascinated but cautious (not venturing further than Bubba Rays, Public Gardens seemed too intimidating to do alone). Milestones that shall become familiar and mundane will seem exotic and fresh.

This was our plan, to send young and old (and everyone in-between) to see our City for the first time. Locals and explorers seeing the Halifax new for the first time, together.

For when the fog rolls though the harbour and the day fades even the young will forget. Familiar sites will morph. Streets will fade. Landmarks altered. For when you are an Englishman, a Ontarian and a Cape Bretoner walking to a bar you will see Halifax for the first time again.

We hope you will give our tours a go and experience the City for the first time.


The Secret Tours Crew

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