How It Works

With Secret Tours Halifax, you choose the challenge and your phone becomes your guide. With each clue you'll explore a secret side of the city.

Once you've signed up, you will receive a welcome text with the start point. You have 30 days to start the tour. When you arrive at the start point follow the instruction and the tour will start. You'll be given your first clue, get it right and away you go!

Each tour includes two breaks.

Please allow between 2 and 3 hours to complete a tour. The tours can be completed 7 days a week but due to the opening times of some of the places you'll be passing through, please make sure you are finished the tour within the recommended times.

If you get stuck at any time you can text the word 'clue' and you will receive a hint to help you on your way. This will add five minutes to your total time so use it wisely!

We don't want you to get stuck for long, so if you get a question wrong three times we'll just pass you on to the next one. However, there is five a minute penalty for each incorrect guess so if you're the competitive type then consider your answers carefully!

Take the tours at your own pace or challenge your friends and family to finish it first, but be aware that our tours must be completed on the same day they start.

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